All about Composite Front Doors and why you might want to have one

It may not seem like the most exciting feature in your home, but your front door is one of the aspects of your property that most people will see. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression, you should always opt for a high quality door. Some people may choose wood, some may go for uPVC. But for others a composite front door is the way to go. What is a composite front door? Whilst many doors are made from one material, the idea behind composite doors is that they bring together several different materials. Usually, a composite door is made from the following: PVC- for a strong and sturdy frame Steel- for keeping the door straight Hardwood- reinforces the frame Polyurethane Foam- this is injected into the door to offer insulation Glass Reinforced Plastic- gives either a natural or coloured finish that is highly resistant All of these things are combined to create a door which is tough and resilient, as well as being attractive and creating a great impression. Why choose a composite front door? Over the years, composite doors have become a popular choice. They are ideal for people who are not big fans of maintaining their property, and are perfect for the unique UK weather. The design of composite front doors is that they are both sturdy and strong, lasting much longer than ordinary wooden doors. They are not likely to swell in wet weather, which we so often see here in the UK, which means that they won’t become stiff over time. For those that are not fans of DIY, the good news about composite doors is that you don’t need to paint them, and they will never lose their colour. If they get dirty, then you can simply wash them when you wash your windows and they will look as fresh as they did new. They are designed to offer great energy efficiency, thanks to the inner insulation and they are compatible with a variety of modern locks. Ultimately, composite front doors are the ideal addition to your home. Not only are they durable and hard wearing, but they are also versatile, coming in a variety of different colours and finishes. Choose a composite front door Like the sound of all of these benefits and plus points? Think that a composite front door is the ideal addition to your home? Why not check out the variety of composite front doors that we have on our site, and see if you can find the right one for you. Whether you opt for a natural wooden finish or something more modern, a composite front door is a great way to make sure that your home looks great, both inside and out. As well as offering energy efficiency and high levels of security too.
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