Installing integral blinds inside glass

How many of us have blinds or curtains installed in our windows? What if you could have blinds that are within the glass rather than being separate? Integral blinds are a new approach to glazing in homes, and offer a modern way to add style and functionality to your home. What are integral blinds? Integral blinds are venetian style blinds which are installed between two glass sheets that are housed within a double-glazed window. They can be operated, manually, electronically and by a magnet depending on the system that you pick and the budget that you have. The slats can move higher, lower or tilt all with ease. If you opt for the manual system then moving the blinds is achieved with a cord, and the electronic system will use a simple press of a button. They are available in a variety of different colours, and designs, all of which will perfectly suit the décor and design of your home. Why should you install them? Aside from giving your home a modern and stylish look, there are some other great benefits to installing integral blinds into your windows. One of the biggest benefit is that they limit the sunlight that comes into the property. This is great if you want to protect furniture or fixtures within your home from sun damage. They are also low on maintenance, especially when compared to standard blinds. They are hygienic and require no cleaning. They also stop dirt and bacteria build up, meaning that they always look shiny and clean. Finally, they are also great for regulating heating and energy bills within your home. This is because they trap in the warmth that floods into your home, and keeps out any cold air that may be causing your home to feel that little bit chilly. Integral blinds are perfect for homes, especially conservatories, but they are also great for business premises and office spaces too! Need a professional? If you want to install integral blinds into your home, then why not organise the work to be carried out by a professional company who will deliver you the results that you are looking for? If you live within the Salisbury area, then we are that company. We are professional, have an expert team and are on hand to make sure that you have the quality and results that you are looking for. So, why not get in touch with us today and have beautiful windows and blinds that you can be proud of.
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